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The photos on our website are available as a high-resolution photo which can be licensed for commercial and personal use. To obtain a photo from our gallery a photo license must first be purchased. The photo license outlines the usage terms and licensing fee. To calculate the fee for you we will first need to know how you will use the photo. To request pricing for a photo contact us with the photo title and please describe precisely how you intend to use the image(s). We will then draft an appropriate license agreement and determine a price. Once the terms are agreed upon an invoice will be sent. Once payment has be cleared and we have received a signed copy of the photo license an email containing the photo download instructions and password is automatically sent to your email address. Payments can be made using major credit cards.

High Resolution Photos FAQ

What is a Photo License?

A photo license is an agreement which states the usage terms for the photo and the price charged for the usage. A license is basically an agreement to purchase rights to use a photo for specific (commercial) purposes. Scott Murphy is the 'Licensor' and the party purchasing the rights is the ‘Licensee'.

How much does licensing a high-resolution photo cost?

The cost of licensing an photo is not fixed and depends on several factors including the photo size, print run, and duration of use. Since these factors are unique to each license it is impossible to quotes license prices without knowing the usage details. Our pricing is competitive with rights-managed photo pricing at any major stock house. You will also be able to judge the difference in quality between the photos we offer and those found elsewhere.

What file format and resolution are your licensed photos distributed in?

High resolution photos are distributed to our customers as as high resolution jpegs, which is the industry standard. We license 300 ppi photos for print use and 72 ppi photos for web and broadcast use. All photos are distributed in 8-bit RGB color mode and have an embedded Adobe RGB 1998 color profile.

How will I receive the high-resolution photo once I have purchased a license?

An account is automatically created on our server for each new customer that purchases an photo license. Once payment has cleared an email containing the photo download instructions and password is automatically sent to your email address.

Who holds the copyright to the images on your website?

Scott Murphy holds the copyright to all the photos on this website and reserves all rights to use, reproduce, distribute, license or sell any photo found on this website. Each photo exhibited on this website is copyrighted with the United States Copyright Office in Washington D.C. New photos are submitted to the Copyright Office on a quarterly basis as they are produced. Each photo on our website is watermarked with the photographer's copyright notice in the form of "© Scott Murphy or SD Discover's logo. All Rights Reserved." It is a violation of the Copyright Act to remove or tamper with the copyright information found on any copyrighted material, including the photos found on this website.

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